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Archives for May 2021

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Worship With Us on Trinity Sunday!

Bill Christian 2021 500x333 update

Join us for worship on Trinity Sunday! The Rev. William K. Christian III will be preaching; read on for in-person and online options....

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Volcanoes and Earthquakes Erupt on the Rwandan Border

News--Volcano Rwanda

This past Saturday night, May 22, Mount Nyiragongo erupted in Goma, Congo, just across the border form Rwanda. The volcano is only one hour’s drive from my home in Rwanda, where I lived for almost six years. This town is named Musanze, but it was named Ruhengeri when I lived there. You can easily find it on a map and see how close it is to the volcanic site....

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Worship With Us on the Day of Pentecost!

Justin Hare 2021 500x333

Join us for worship on the Day of Pentecost! The Rev. Justin C. Hare will be preaching; read on for in-person and online options. ...

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Celebrating Suzy McCall’s 30 Years on the Mission Field

News--McCall Celebration

On Sunday, May 16, dear friends and family members came from as far away as New Jersey and Georgia to celebrate Suzy McCall’s 30 years on the mission field at an event cohosted by St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Mt. Pleasant (the church Bishop T.J. Johnston planted some years ago) and LAMB, the ministry Suzy founded in 1999. Can you believe it has been that long since t...

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Ain't Got Time to Die


It was January 11, day 52 of an 85-day stay in the hospital––having undergone two emergency surgeries, multiple infections, COVID-19, acute kidney failure, four weeks in the ICU, and 10 days on a ventilator––that my wife Carolyn, who was barely alive, once again started “working for da Kingdom”!...

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Worship With Us on the Sunday After the Ascension!

Jeff Miller 2021 500x333

Join us for worship on the Seventh Sunday of Easter, the Sunday After the Ascension! The Rev. Jeffrey S. Miller, Rector, will be preaching; read on for in-person and online options....

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Two Ways to Plumb the Depths of the Ten Commandments


On Sunday, May 2, we focused on some of the last words that Jesus spoke before he was crucified. There, in the upper room, he said to his disciples, “If you love me, you will keep my Commandments.” As our Lord faced his own impending death, it’s clear that one of his primary concerns was that we, his followers, would hold fast to his commandments. But what does this ...

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Worship With Us on the Sixth Sunday of Easter!

Brian McGreevy 2019-500x333

Join us for worship on the Sixth Sunday of Easter! The Rev. Brian K. McGreevy will be preaching; read on for in-person and online options, including the livestream link and a printable bulletin....

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The Beauty Of God’s Design: Sexuality and Marriage

News--Uganda Gurley Football Soccer Team

In the 20 years leading up to our time in Uganda, I had spoken many times to young audiences about God’s design for love, sex, and relationships. As a high school English teacher and the mother of three daughters, I’d seen what was happening in my students’ and daughters’ peer groups...

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God Is Talking to Us. Are We Listening?

News--Jimmy Bailey God is Speaking

One of the hardest things to accept as a Christian is that God allows suffering to occur. We have all suffered in one way or another over the course of this pandemic, and sometimes it makes me angry, other times confused. If you believe God created heaven and earth, made man in his image, became man himself, died on a cross, and then ascended to heaven, then you have to be...

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Working Hard to View God’s Glory: St. Philip's Workday at Camp St. Christopher


This past Saturday, nearly 30 St. Philippians met for another workday at the St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center on Seabrook Island. Since the onset of COVID, Camp St. Christopher has been operating with limited staff, unable to keep up with the landscape needs of this beautiful barrier island. Individuals, parents with their teenagers, and even one family of three...

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