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The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina Launches Ministry at the College of Charleston

Justin Hare 2021 500x333

St. Philippians! It gives me so much joy to share with you some exciting news about college ministry here in Charleston. One of the joys that I have had serving at St. Philip’s for these past three years has been ministering to college students. ...

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Spreading the Gospel in Rwanda

News––Rwanda Hare

Something I didn’t know (but probably should have) when I arrived in Rwanda was that it is known as the land of a thousand hills and a thousand smiles. The loveliness of both the topography and the people struck me immediately....

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Why I Gave Blood (And Will Do It Again)

News--Hare Giving Blood

As I walked into the room, I couldn’t quite figure out why I was nervous. I am not bothered by needles. Shots and pricks ceased being terrifying when I was about seven. And I knew I would be in good hands. I think it was hearing stories of people passing out that made me leery of just “the unknown.” I’d never passed out before in my life....

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Theology on Tap: A New Twice-Monthly Gathering for Young Adults

News--Theology on Tap

“Two priests walk into a bar ...” It sounds more like the beginning of a joke than the beginning of a ministry. But I assure you, Theology on Tap is no joke! Rooted in the convictions that (1) everyone is a theologian (has thoughts about God) and (2) everyone longs for genuine friendships and meaningful conversation (even, perhaps especially, if they don’t go to chur...

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