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A Missionary Ministry at Our Doorstep!

News--Open Door

Each Sunday, we hear the familiar words of what Jesus says is the Great Commandment: to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. In a world where there is much brokenness and where many are not seeking after God, we may find ourselves asking, “What can I do to help share God’s love?” This can seem particularly dau...

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The Holy Spirit Opens Doors

Penn Hagood 2023

Do you find joy in sharing the love of Jesus Christ? Do you appreciate our beautiful church, her three centuries of faithful ministry and her symbolically meaningful architecture? Would you enjoy sharing our sanctuary with others? Then please come and join St. Philip’s Open Door Ministry, a ministry of Hospitality and Evangelism!...

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The Open Doors of St. Philip’s

Praying Boys

Remember when churches were open all the time? Remember how nice it was to go in and sit quietly in prayer? Remember the peace you felt? Well, the world is different now and our churches are closed and locked much of the time. I was at Bible study when Elizabeth Bowles spoke to us about the Open Door Ministry. She explained the desperate need for volunteers that were ne...

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Hospitality Ministry: Welcome to St. Philip’s!


September 15 was a joyous day at St. Philip’s: the anthems were glorious, the sermon was rousing, the bouncy house was hopping, and the BBQ was delicious and plentiful. Rally Sunday is a day that St. Philippians look forward to every year because it marks the return of Sunday School and the Rector’s Forum after what always seems like an endless summer. But Rally Sunday...

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