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God Is My Coxswain

News--Boys in the Boat

Musings from a recreational rower amidst the popularity of “The Boys in the Boat.” ...

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The Importance of Telling Your Story

News--Telling Your Story Moore

Earlier this year, I kept hearing about one of the great sessions given at January’s Mere Anglicanism Conference. It seems the subject was, to paraphrase, “Telling Your Story.” A vivid recollection made me search through my Bible, where I store many important writings and personal letters, and there it was:...

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The Narnia Connection: From England to Thailand to Charleston

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

There are many Christians in my practice as a family doctor in North Charleston, and it is not uncommon for us to speak the things of God together. While I was sharing with a pastor’s wife named Shannon Sims about Mere Anglicanism, the conference St. Philip’s hosted in January which this year focused on C.S. Lewis, she immediately responded that she and her husband ha...

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Sam Robinson

Are you feeling joyful at this moment? You may feel like there is not much to be joyful about in today’s world. So much that we hear or read about in the news today is frightening: war, inflation, viruses, the border, post COVID-19 pandemic challenges, gasoline prices, food prices, crime, attacks on police officers, racism, gender identification, government corruption, a...

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Enlarging the Meaning of “Emmanuel”

News--Gloria Avent Emmanuel

I woke up early on the morning of December 9th with the first line of a poem in my mind. I knew the Lord had given me the thought, so I got up and went to my computer. What followed was several hours of the unfolding of the following poem....

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Mere Anglicanism 2023 ~ Telling a More Beautiful Story

News--Bailey Mere Anglicanism

How does one describe an event like Mere Anglicanism? A few weeks ago, Lea Andrews asked if I’d write an article about my experience at the conference. Without giving it much thought, I agreed and didn’t think about it again until it was too late to back out. Had I truly understood the extraordinary lineup of speakers, their impressive bios, and the depth of their kno...

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Wearied (and Worth It!) on Wednesdays

News--Wednesday Wearies

I’m relentlessly committed to Wednesdays at our church—much like we all are to the commitments we have to carpool around town at all hours for sports and clubs and celebrations. I make Wednesday just as important, even more so, as the many other things that barter and bid for our time and soul. ...

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What Is "The Chosen" All About and How Can I Watch It?

News--The Chosen

The Chosen is the first multi-season series about the life and ministry of Jesus. Its success and popularity have been a huge surprise to Hollywood because it is completely independently funded, produced, and directed apart from any influence from any of the mainstream studios....

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The Growth of Spiritual Life

News--Avents Spiritual Growth

I don’t always find it to be so, but this Lent was a challenging season of self-examination that continues. However, in a recent moment of quiet, the Lord impressed upon me a very uplifting analogy between our spiritual lives and the physical pattern of conception, pregnancy, and birth....

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Why I Gave Blood (And Will Do It Again)

News--Hare Giving Blood

As I walked into the room, I couldn’t quite figure out why I was nervous. I am not bothered by needles. Shots and pricks ceased being terrifying when I was about seven. And I knew I would be in good hands. I think it was hearing stories of people passing out that made me leery of just “the unknown.” I’d never passed out before in my life....

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