Now is the time for all of our parish family to come together with every gift pledge, large or small, as we celebrate God's work here at St. Philip's and prepare for future ministry. Whether it's a few dollars from a child's lemonade stand or a more substantial gift, every person in our parish family matters, and we want everyone to be part of this generational opportunity to shine the light. If you haven't yet pledged, now is the time--as the old song says, "This little light of mine; I'm going to let it shine!" We need all those lights together to shine brightly for the Gospel!

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"198" Update from the Wardens

198 To Be Great

Dear St. Philippians,

On behalf of the clergy, staff, and Vestry of St. Philip’s, we wanted to provide a quick snapshot of our debt retirement campaign launched on April 1. To briefly review, our goal is to raise $113,000 in additional giving above and beyond normal giving before the end of May so that we may fully retire the approximately $197,000 in debt currently on the books. (Note: This is in addition to the already budgeted $84,000 in debt retirement out of our operating account by year end.)

At the writing of this letter we are just a little over three weeks into the eight-week campaign, in which we have requested that each of the roughly 600 giving members of our St. Philip’s family contribute $198. We’re delighted to report that as of April 30, we’ve raised $72,000 of the $113,000 goal with an average gift of $260 vs. our $198 target. However, only about 1/3 of our normal givers have contributed thus far, so we prayerfully request that everyone pitch in so that we reach 100% participation. Thankfully, our clergy and Vestry have already contributed 100%. If all of our giving members will follow their lead with the donation amount that our Rector gently illustrated to us is less than a weekly latte at Starbucks, we will fully retire our debt!

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” (Matthew 6:24)

In Christ,

Harry Gregorie           Martha Freshley

Senior Warden           Junior Warden