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Diaper Drive and “Saturday Serve” Bless Lowcountry Pregnancy Center

News--LPC Saturday Serve

Last week’s diaper drive was a huge success! Thank you, St. Philippians, for answering the call to help out one of our home mission ministry partners, Lowcountry Pregnancy Center (LPC), which provides life-affirming reproductive health and family services in a compassionate Christian environment. And on Saturday, 12 St. Philippians headed over to the LPC office in North Charleston for the Home Missions Team’s May “Saturday Serve” offering.

After unloading the donations from the diaper drive, the volunteers took a tour of the LPC facility, getting a feel for the comfortable, welcoming, and loving environment that LPC provides for their clients. They saw the parenting classrooms, ultrasound rooms (where many choose life after hearing baby’s heartbeat), counseling rooms (where many hear the gospel for the first time), and the baby boutique, where clients can shop for free baby essentials after attending a certain number of parenting classes––and where there was an abundance of items Baby Bloomers recently donated after our own Sandra Anderson just happened to mention LPC to the Baby Bloomers owner at a cocktail party!  Next up was spring cleaning, which included changing those inconveniently placed ceiling air filters (thank you to the men in the group for taking on that task!).

LPC’s director of development, Kim Incampo, sent us this thank-you note: “What a joy to share Saturday morning with the wonderful group of St. Philip’s servants! Lowcountry Pregnancy Center is very grateful and blessed for the partnership we have with St. Philip’s and this ministry can not do this good work for the unborn, standing for life and the family without YOU! Your incredibly successful diaper drive collected over 8,000 diapers and over 130 packages of wipes! Given that we disperse over 3,000 diapers on average per week, your Godly delivery on Saturday was perfect timing!  Again, so grateful for the spring cleaning and changing of air filters, as it is a tremendous help for our staff.”


Sandra Anderson, Ashley Davis, and Alexandra Panaretos organize a very pleasing number of diaper donations.


The Reese family: Paul, Trisha, and Paul Frederick (doing the heavy lifting)


Scott Wallinger and John Kerrison, easily the best dusters in the Lowcountry


Sandra Anderson, Tara Eversmann, Kim Incampo, Jennie Richardson, Barbara Merritt, Alexandra Panaretos, Carter Light, and Ashley Davis, the only person outside of Gen Z who has figured out where to look when taking a selfie.