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New Donation and Volunteer Opportunities at Tricounty Family Ministries

Canned Food Drive Tricounty McWhite

Tricounty Family Ministries has new needs and opportunities for you to serve! 

1. Healthy Breakfast Food Items
We receive donations of many pastries and baked goods that we share at our continental breakfast each morning. But many of our clients are diabetic or have other health issues that prevent them from enjoying these treats. We are in need of healthier breakfast items to include in our breakfast buffet to better support all of our clients' needs.

• protein shakes
• healthy granola bars
• individual fruit cups
• single-serve milk cartons (non-refrigerated)
• single-serve oatmeal and grits packages
• individual cereal boxes

2. Food Pantry Needs

• pork & beans
• sweet peas
• canned corn
• family-size grits, oatmeal, cereal
• jelly
• macaroni & cheese
• chicken noodle soup

3. Clothes Closet Needs

• men's shoes, pants, shirts
• men's belts and shoes 
• new men's and women's underwear
• women's large and plus-sized clothing
• coats for winter
• blankets, sheets, and household items

4. Special need for storage

We are excited to share that we are working toward renovating the Life Center to become affordable housing apartments! We will eventually need to furnish those apartments, so be thinking now of furniture that you could donate in the next 6 months or so.

We have received word that someone wants to donate a living room set of furniture, but we need a place to store it for a few months. The items include: sofa, love seat, ottoman, chairs, coffee table, and 8x10 rug.

• Please consider if you have extra space to store donated furniture for us.
• Please consider whether your organization would like to sponsor a storage unit for us.

All of this will be part of a very exciting expansion of our ministry to provide affordable housing for families in transition.

5. Volunteers for the Clothes Closet

Since the beginning of the year, we have received generous donations of clothing from all of you who are doing New Year's cleaning of your closets! We are grateful for these gifts! But we are also in need of volunteers to sort through these donations so that we can pass them on to our clients. We have designated a separate room for sorting, and will be grateful for any time you can give to sort items into bins of like items. Please let us know if you have time to give to this important task!

Questions? Contact Tricounty's Volunteer Coordinator, Josh Smalls, at joslyn.smalls@tricountyfamilyministries.org