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Global Day of Fasting and Prayer: How's Your Peripheral Vision?


From Christian Grandparenting Network: Have you ever noticed how myopic our vision of who God is and what He is doing can become in life? Our regular routines, including those routines related to our faith journey can make us so nearsighted that we fail to see the divine appointments God places right along our life path. That's why we need those times in life when we can retune our peripheral vision to see what God is inviting us to do with Him.

That's what this Global Day of Fasting and Prayer on April 15 (that's this Wednesday) is about partly. It's an opportunity for us to reset to the big picture God has for us. It's a time to set aside our normal routines, which COVID-19 has already forced us to do in many ways, in order to seek God's purpose and plan, and to ask for His favor that we might make His name great in the eyes of the world.

It takes some courage and a great deal of faith in the power and goodness of our God to do something as uncomfortable as fasting for 24 hours and spending significant intentional time in prayer. Could it be that God has torn us away from our normal routines that so consume us for such a time as this?

Perhaps this idea of 24 hours of fasting and prayer seems a bit daunting to some of you. That's why our team has prepared a Fasting and Prayer Guide to help you. It's really not complicated, but it doesn't require intentionality.

If you are a parent with children still at home, I urge you to involved them with you in this day of fasting and prayer. This is a great opportunity to teach them the importance of using the peripheral vision God has given us so we don't miss out on what God is doing.

I hope you will join the growing number of God's people around the world on April 15. Click the image below for a short video and a link to our Fasting and Prayer Guide.