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Haitian Art: Reminders of Our Mission

Haitian Art 1.JPG

Haitian art is a representation of its culture and people. Several beautiful Haitian paintings will be available at this year’s Tea Room. The paintings were aquired by members of the St. Philip’s mission trip teams over the past several years, and donations for the paintings will go towards this meaningful world mission partnership.

Ours is a mission of presence through prayer, visitation, encouragement, and financial support for our sister church, St. Jean Baptiste, and its parishioners, schools, and community. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and for the past 25 years, St. Philip’s has been fully engaged in its efforts, partnering with God to provide and improve access to healthcare, education for children and adults, economic opportunity, sanitation, and clean water. The parishioners of St. Philip’s and St. Jean Baptiste share the love of Christ and the hope that the people of Haiti are not forgotten. It’s a beautiful relationship with Christ in the center.

St. Philip’s next mission to Haiti is coming up June 19-24. If you’re interested in joining this small team of 12, please call or email Gerry McCord (843-224-1342 or gerrymccord@gmail.com).

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