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Life-Changing Cargo

Honduras Boy Entranced Jesus Film

Let’s take another walk down memory lane. This goes back to the early years of the medical ministry from St. Philip’s Church to Honduras.

Look at the face of this little boy.

He looks as if he could be apprehensive or worried. But––I was there, and I know that actually he was entranced, very intent, and totally focused on something he was watching.

I’d like to backtrack now to the preparation for that trip. A few of us were talking about how long people had to wait in line to see the doctor and how that time was such a good opportunity for evangelism. So––dentist Ken Johnson decided to buy a TV and we would find the Jesus film in Spanish.

Keep in mind: 1) This was during the years when we transported everything in duffle bags, 2) There was practically no electricity in the village, and 3) Stores were not yet full of evangelism tools in Spanish. By now you are probably thinking, “What kind of people do we send out from St. Philip’s anyway? These people are nuts to think they can send down an old-style tube TV in a cloth bag and have it arrive in one piece!” (That thought had crossed my mind as well!)

However, we packed the TV, stuffing clothes all around it, and hauled it to the airport with all the other duffles carrying our standard supplies.

Before we approached the check-in area, we stood in the middle of the airport and laid hands on this “nutsy” cargo. We prayed for the Lord to deliver it safely to our destination.

He answered our earnest prayer. At our village destination, Gene Lesesne used his can-do/can-fix/can-improvise abilities and got the TV connected to electricity. And thus began our nonstop showing of the Jesus film during all of our clinics.

So––of course, by now you’ve guessed what this little boy was so intently watching.

Take a good look again at his face.

Only the Lord knows what profound effect this film might have had on this boy’s life.