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Meals and So Much More: Touring Tricounty Family Ministries

Rohaley Hanshaw Settle Tricounty Tour

Pictured: Mary Rohaley (left) with Sue Hanshaw (middle) and Jill Settle

On Wednesday, September 25, Jill Settle and I rode with Amey Warder to Tricounty Family Ministries in North Charleston to take a wonderful tour with the executive director, Sue Hanshaw. They are doing such great work there by giving hope to people in crisis.

I have known about Tricounty Family Ministries for years, but I didn’t realize all the services they offered for people! Besides the meals that St. Philippian volunteers often help with by preparing or serving food, I learned about the food pantry, Healing Hands health clinic, the clothes closet, job placement, and legal and social services. I love the Pass the Purse ministry, where you can fill a purse (new or slightly used) with feminine hygiene products, toiletries, hair elastics, or any other little things you think a woman might need or want in her purse. What a great project to do with your kids that gives others hope while showing the younger generation that others may not have access to the little things we always have, like toothpaste and soap.

For me, taking the tour really put all the needs into perspective as  we saw firsthand how we can help. Some specific needs I saw were men’s clothing, pants and shoes (especially large shoes), peanut butter, canned corn, and canned meat. Whether it’s volunteering a few hours each month on your lunch hour or donating items for clothing or food drives, Tricounty Family Ministries needs our help. I’m looking forward to getting more involved! Learn how you can help at stphilipschurchsc.org/home-missions-volunteer-opportunities.