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St. Philippians Come Through Again!

Canned Food Drive Tricounty McWhite
Robert McWhite transferred all of St. Philip’s donations to the Tricounty Family Ministries van on Tuesday morning.
Thank you, St. Philippians, for your most generous outpouring of love shown with stocking Tricounty Family Ministries’ pantry! You donated over 1,000 items––look at the breakdown below! With cooler temperatures and budget cuts upon us, Tricounty’s pantries are in great need. Popping open a can of soup can be helpful not only to the homeless in our community, but also to families struggling to pay their rent or electric bills.
The Home Missions Committee thanks Garden Frampton, Bruce McLeod, and Elizabeth and Bob Bowles for helping to collect cans at the early service. Thank you to David Gilbert and Pat and Bowen Barber for helping collect and count cans after the 10:30 service!
If you are looking for a way to get involved, we are always looking for volunteers with any of the St. Philip’s service projects! 
Items donated: 193 cans of soup, 190 miscellaneous canned goods, 2 containers of coffee, 21 cans/boxes of milk, 9 fruit cups/pudding/Jell-O, 45 boxes of mac and cheese, 11 bags/boxes of rice, 25 applesauce, 91 cans of beans, 26 cans of chili, 51 cans of tomato sauce, 62 cans of corn, 11 cans/boxes of chicken stock, 43 cans of diced tomatoes, 79 cans of green beans, 22 packages of crackers, 16 cans of peas, 22 boxes of pasta, 40 fruit juices 24 bottles of waters, 12 jars of peanut butter, 17 bottles/jars of ketchup/mustard/mayo, 16 boxes/bags of cereal/oatmeal/grits/flour, 7 boxes of brownie/cake/pancake mix, 5 bottles of honey/syrup, 7 bags of nuts/chips/caramel corn, 6 bottles of dressing.