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Tea Room Volunteer Sign-Up is Open

News--Tea Room O'Dell Miller Whipple

At left, the Rev. Andrew O’Dell and the Rev. Jeffrey Miller smile for the camera while they secretly wonder whether they can escape with Mrs. Emily Whipple’s famous chocolate cake before it is sliced, plated, and beautifully presented on the Tea Room dessert table.

The annual St. Philip’s Tea Room is an opportunity for the entire parish to come together as one to help raise money for our important ministries. Volunteer forms were mailed last week, and online sign-up is also available! Whether you crave customer interaction or you prefer working behind the scenes, there are plenty of jobs that will be right up your alley. If you’re not available to help the week of, please consider making okra soup, helping to distribute fliers, donating to the gift shop, or trying out one or more of our other preparation roles. You will find the sign-up link, okra soup recipe, ideas for the gift shop, and more at stphilipschurchsc.org/volunteers-tea-room.