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Thank You, VBS Volunteers!


Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers and staff who helped with Athens VBS two weeks ago:

Florance Anderson, Marlee Asmer, Glo Avent, Becky Barber, Lisa Barker, Wolfgang Barnwell, Mara Brockbank, Alexa Conlon, Maggie Conlon, Chandler Grace Ghegan, David Gilbert, Chloé Gilbert, Cornelia Graham, William Grubbs, Mary Anne Hanckel, Lulu Highfield, Elisabeth Hunter, G.W. Jilich, Noel Kunes, Dorothy Lancaster, Anne Lancaster, Mary Kathryn Lancaster, Liza Layfield, Monet Lescow, Sarah Massar, Amber McCann, Gerry McCord, Suzanne McCord, Clair McEniry, Lynn Ellen McGaughey-Smith, Grace Ellen McGaughey-Smith, Brian McGreevy, Jane McGreevy, Barnes McLaurin, Margaret Merritt, Carlisle Miller, Lexi Moore, Tricia Moore, Michaela Mueller, Rachel Murphy, Ellen O’Dell, Lily O’Dell, Frances O’Shea, Roberta O’Shea, Chase Patterson, Cynthia Patteson, Sallie Robinson, Irene Rose, John Settle, Jill Settle, Sarah Silcox, Ben Singleton, Cameron Smith, Sarah Suttner, Martha Vetter, Margaret von Werssowetz, and Will Walters.

VBS would not have been possible without you! Want to see how the week went? Check out our video and view more pictures below:


VBS 2019– Image 1 of 9