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Home Missions

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Mission Statement

The Home Missions Committee empowers the congregation of St. Philip's to minister to the people of Charleston that they might come to know and experience the saving love and mercy of Jesus Christ.


The Home Missions Committee is a team commissioned by the Vestry to discern, communicate, and organize the parish’s local mission and outreach efforts in partnership with the clergy.  The team is comprised of members possessing a heart for both evangelism (“missions”) and mercy ministries (“outreach”) and who possess one or more of the following gifts:  Communication, Administration, Leadership, or Wisdom and Discernment.

2019 Partner Organizations

The Home Missions Committee has prayerfully discerned that St. Philip’s will partner with the following organizations in 2019:

Tri-County Family Ministries

Star Gospel Mission

Life Resources

St. John’s Mission (partnership is currently in discernment)

Open Door Committee (our own parish-based mission) 

Philosophy of Ministry

As a Christian church commissioned by our Lord to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19), our aim is to partner with organizations who share this Great Commission, and whose outreach ministry (Matthew 25:34-46) is an outflowing of this shared mission. We use the term “missions as an explicit reference to the Great Commission, helping nonbelievers find the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  We also use the term “outreach” to refer to acts of service outside the borders of our parish, particularly those acts that help people with basic needs.  While we are grateful for all persons and organizations who seek to relieve suffering, we will focus our outreach partnerships and contributions on those organizations who undertake such efforts in the name of Jesus.   

We believe that we can do far more good, by God’s grace, if we focus our prayer, financial and volunteer efforts on 3-5 mission organizations.  Doing so will allow us to form meaningful relationships with both the mission organizations we support as well as the people we serve.  The Home Missions Committee is charged with discerning (in consultation with the clergy) which organizations the congregation will support as well as determining the length of our commitment to such organizations.

Tricounty Warder Freshley

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Committee Members

The current members of the Committee are:

Ben Hagood, Chairman

The Rev. Andrew O’Dell, Clergy partner

Becky Barber

Guv Gottshalk

Lynn Land

Doug Ringer

Amey Warder

Swain Marion

The Rev. Gerry McCord

Jane McGreevy

Frenchie Richards

Prayer partners: Tracy Graudin, Courtenay Fain