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"The Abolition of Man" and "That Hideous Strength": Not as Unwise but as Wise--R

Episode 21

March 23, 2022 Speaker: The Rev. Brian K. McGreevy Series: C. S. Lewis
Episode 21: Not as Unwise but as Wise: Reflections from C.S. Lewis's The Abolition of Man and That Hideous Strength
In this week's chapter, the powers of the N.I.C.E. will try to tighten their grip on Mark by entrapping him with planted evidence, and when he flees, he ends up in a showdown with Dr. Dimble about Jane. Dr. Dimble stands fast about Mark and the evil represented by the N.I.C.E. and refuses to reveal where Jane is. Meanwhile, the Director and the Company at St. Anne's prepare to take action and enter the fray based on the spiritual guidance they have received.