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"The Abolition of Man" and "That Hideous Strength": Not as Unwise but as Wise--R

Episode 23

May 4, 2022 Speaker: The Rev. Brian K. McGreevy Series: C. S. Lewis

Both the Company at St. Anne's and the N.I.C.E. are searching diligently to find Merlin, who has awakened and left his sepulchre. Two different men are spotted in the vicinity; one escapes on a horse and the other is captured by the N.I.C.E. The action picks up as Merlin immediately rides to the aid of the Company at St. Anne's and is revealed as a Christian. Meanwhile, the N.I.C.E. are speaking Latin to the man they believe to be Merlin, but who is actually a tramp, in hopes of luring him onto their side.