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The Fellowship: Lewis, Tolkien And The Inklings

The Fellowship: Lewis, Tolkien and The Inklings

May 15, 2019 Speaker: The Rev. Brian K. McGreevy

Magdalene College, Cambridge, England
C.S. Lewis’s life as an academic was concerned with the teaching of medieval and
Renaissance literature, though both his lectures and his publications also incorporated his
extensive knowledge of Greek and Latin classics. He argued that the cultural and
intellectual history of Europe was divided into three main periods, the pre-Christian, the
Christian and the post-Christian, which he treated as a matter of historical understanding
and with no aim at proselytization: a position that none the less aroused some opposition
following his inaugural lecture as professor at Cambridge. Ever since his childhood, his
interest in the Middle Ages had been an imaginative rather than a purely scholarly one,
and his main concern was to inculcate a sense of the beauty of that pre-modern thought
world and its value