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Sunday Morning Offerings

The Rector’s Forum
The Gospel of John
The Rev. Jeffrey Miller
Parish Hall, 9:30 a.m. 

Join the Rev. Jeffrey S. Miller, Rector, as he continues his study of the Gospel of John, an extraordinary book breathed out by God. This gospel, described by Martin Luther as the “unique, tender, genuine, and chief Gospel,” has had a profound impact on countless lives and the history of the world. Bring your Bible so that you may fully read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest these remarkable words.

A Journey of Faith
The Rev. Andrew O’Dell
Philadelphia Alley, 9:30 a.m. ~ Registration closed––please join us in the fall!
Questions? Drop Andrew a line. 

Foundations is one of the best ways to get connected at St. Philip's. This semester-long course explores the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith in an environment that allows for conversation and connection. For those who feel led to join St. Philip's, the class will culminate in the service of Confirmation when the bishop makes his annual visitation (typically on the Sunday after Easter). Foundations is offered both in the fall (beginning a week after Rally Sunday) and in the winter/spring (generally beginning the Sunday that falls after the New Year). Both newcomers to the church and longtime members will find the journey of Foundations to be an enriching, encouraging and spiritually enlightening experience!

Foundations is an adult Sunday School class for those who are:

  • New to St. Philip’s, or
  • Looking for a refresher on what we believe as Christians and why we believe it, or
  • The parent of a student currently enrolled in our Confirmation Class, or
  • Interested in:
    • Being baptized
    • Becoming a member of the St. Philip’s family through Confirmation/Reception
    • Having their infant baptized
    • Getting connected into the St. Philip’s community
    • Reaffirming their faith in Jesus Christ

The Meaning of Marriage
The Rev. Justin Hare (jhare@stphilipschurchsc.org)
Chapel of the Good Shepherd, 9:30 a.m.

The Rev. Justin Hare will be leading a class seeking to understand the nature and goal of marriage using Timothy Keller’s The Meaning of Marriage as a launching pad. The class will examine some of the more recent objections and challenges posed to marriage in the world today, as well as look at the timeless difficulties faced within marriage. Now more than ever, it behooves God’s people to have a clear understanding of what God says marriage is and what it is for in order to flourish within the marriage relationship. 

This class will be lecture-based, but each week there will be take-home application questions designed to assist husbands and wives in their own marriage. This class is also ideal for those who long to be married, as it will assist in preparing for the bond and covenant of marriage. 

Register for the Meaning of Marriage