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Foyer Groups

Foyer Groups Graphic Sans BackgroundLooking for a great way to get to know others in the St. Philip’s family? Consider joining a Foyer Group! “Foyer” is a French word meaning “hearthside” – implying the warmth of a close, small group of friends sharing a common friendship.  Whether you are longtime St. Philippian or a relative newcomer, we encourage you to participate to help strengthen the bonds of affection in our church family.

A Foyer Group will consist of eight to ten persons, married or single, assigned at random, and meeting, on a rotating basis, in each other’s homes once a month for about six months, to share a meal, conversation and fellowship, beginning in the Fall and Spring. These are strictly social evenings and the keynote is simplicity. There is no agenda, other than having dinner and fellowship for a few hours. Generally the host provides the main dish and others bring the rest of the meal (appetizer, salad, side or dessert). If you're concerned about accommodating a group in your own home, please sign up and share hosting with another, or consider hosting a casual backyard evening. If you are not a cook, there's always bread and wine! It is a social evening with a real purpose—to know one another better and build a stronger sense of community in the Body of Christ at St. Philip’s as we practice the gift of hospitality.

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Questions? Please contact the Rev. Brian McGreevy at (843) 722-7734 ext. 270 or via email at bmcgreevy@stphilipschurchsc.org.