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What to Expect

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Welcome, Friend!

In the name of Jesus Christ, we welcome you! St. Philip’s is a community of disciples: we have received Jesus as our Savior, and we are learning, by His Spirit, how to follow Him as Lord. Each member of this fellowship, pastor and layman alike, is a work in progress, and we invite you to come and be part of the lifelong adventure of pursuing God’s purpose for your life and ministry in the world. Above all, we are a people who seek God weekly through worship, for it is in lifting His praises that our hearts are drawn back to Him and our spirits are nourished by His word and sacraments. Worship is the wellspring of our spiritual life, and so we invite you to come and join us as we give praise to God.

Opportunities for Worship


8:15 a.m. ~ The Holy Eucharist (said)

9:15 a.m. ~ Sunday school for children and youth (children, youth)

9:30 a.m. ~ Christian formation for adults (adults)

10:30 a.m. ~ Principal Worship Service

Holy Eucharist on the first, third, and fifth Sundays and Morning Prayer on the second and fourth Sundays


8:00 a.m. ~ Morning Prayer, 1928 Book of Common Prayer (Chapel)

5:30 p.m. ~ Wednesdays Alive! (contemporary communion service)

mid-September through May

Please note that backpacks, suitcases, briefcases, and other large personal belongings are not permitted inside the sanctuary. We also ask that photographs not be taken during any worship services.


Free parking is available for all worship services, weddings, and funerals in both our paved lot on the corner of Cumberland and Church Streets (apple map, google map) and in the parking garage directly across Cumberland street. When exiting the parking garage after a worship service, the gate will sometimes be left open; if it is not, you may speak to an attendant or press the “help” button on the ticket box by the gate and explain that you have attended a service at St. Philip’s.

For all other church events, free parking is generally available in our surface lot, provided the "church parking only" sign is out. For small-group meetings or office visits, please stop by the front desk for a temporary pass (either a pass or payment is required). Please refrain from double-parking or blocking (even partially) either entrance or exit, and be sure you are parking in a lined space. To avoid getting ticketed or booted, do not park in rector or clergy spaces, which are reserved at all times, and note hours on sign when parking in staff or teacher spots.

Those parking in the garage will need to pay according to the city’s posted rates. 
While the City of Charleston is usually lenient on Sunday mornings with the one-hour time limit in the residential parking areas around St. Philip’s, please note that you will receive a ticket if you park in an illegal spot. Be mindful of yellow lines (especially next to driveways), fire hydrants, yellow-painted curbs, etc., and note that the area in the curve directly in front of the church on the right side of the road is a no-parking zone.
Please note that free parking in our paved, surface lot and/or garage is only available for and during church activities or appointments. At all other times, those parking in the lot and/or garage will be expected to pay the posted rate.


When you arrive for a worship service, you will be warmly greeted and handed a copy of our Sunday bulletin. Our greeters will be happy to assist you in finding our nursery or children’s church. Head over to our Location page for a campus map.

Building & Seating

All of the pews on the first floor are enclosed by a small door (which is typical of churches constructed in during this period). Ushers will be available to help you find a pew, but please feel free to reach inside the pew and unlatch the door if you arrive before the ushers. Restrooms are located in the buildings adjacent to the church

The Service

We are a community that worships God in the tradition of the Anglican Church, whose liturgy is simultaneously traditional and joyful. Our 8:15 a.m. service could be described as quiet and contemplative, and our 10:30 a.m. service as majestic and vibrant, drawing upon the rich tradition of both English and American hymnody. The Bible is foundational both for the preacher’s weekly sermon as well as the liturgy, and the words of Scripture ring clearly throughout the service in the prayers that shape our worship of God.


Ready to join St. Philip's and become part of this dynamic, growing family?  Visit our Membership page to learn more!

Exploring the Cemetery, Graveyard, and Sanctuary

St. Philip's cemetery and graveyard are normally open during church office hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Friday). The cemetery must occasionally close for funerals, maintenance and construction, landscaping, severe weather, and certain holidays.

Volunteer docents open the sanctuary for visits and prayer during the week in two-hour shifts, generally 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Fridays. Please call the church office at (843) 722-7734 to check the docent schedule.

Click here to view a copy of our church history booklet.

Click here to view a copy of our stained glass All Saints window booklet.