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A Letter From the Rev. Marc Boutan


Dear St. Philip’s Family,

I began my ministry at St. Philip’s Church in January of 2001, and I’ve spanned the course of 20 years here. On Friday, January 8, I turned 68 years old, and I feel it’s time to scale back. After much prayer and thought, I have come to the decision to retire from full-time pastoral care ministry.

This has been such a hard decision, and one that I have mulled over for a long while. Part of what makes it so difficult is that things are good here at St. Philip’s with the parishioners and with my colleagues. Our church is spiritually healthy, and the relationships among us are very strong. Trish and I have felt a lot of love here. Together with you, we are growing in our knowledge and love of Christ, thanks to great leadership and God’s grace. But I’m ready to work part-time, and the position of Pastoral Care Assistant requires a full-time priest. My retirement from pastoral care ministry will become effective February 1, 2021.

Fortunately, Jeff has asked me to stay on part-time as the Music Team leader for the Wednesdays Alive service, so I am retiring––but I am not leaving. I will be at the church office on a weekly basis preparing for the service. Happily, we will continue to see each other.

I know this is a big change, but it’s not goodbye! I am confident that God will raise up a successor to carry on the important work of pastoral ministry at St. Philip’s.

Affectionately in Christ,

The Rev. Marc R. Boutan