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A Note from the Rev. Matthew Rivers: Thank You, St. Philip's!

Thank You Rivers St. John's

Last month, St. John’s Chapel, a mission church of our diocese, hosted “Unity in the Community,” an afternoon of BBQ, music, and fellowship that aimed to foster peace while raising funds for security in a neighborhood plagued by crime. St. Philip’s made a donation to the cause and helped promote the event, and the leadership of St. John’s was very grateful:

To the Congregation of St. Philip’s,

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your amazing support of St. John’s Chapel on the Eastside in standing with us for our Unity in the Community endeavor. Your generosity allowed us to fulfill our mission, successfully bringing disparate groups on the Eastside together as one agreeing on one need in common––better security and safety in the neighborhood.

We far exceeded our goals with God looking down and supporters like you. We’re getting ready to install Ring cameras throughout the Eastside as a tool to deter and, if committed, bring criminals to justice. Thank you for standing with us.

In Christ,

MaryAnne Poole, Vestry

The Rev. Matthew Rivers, Vicar