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The Bereavement Guild Seeks New Members

Bereavement Guild (310 x 200 px)

When a family member passes away, the days immediately following can be extremely overwhelming. On top of the grief of losing someone, there is a funeral to plan, hard decisions to make, phone calls to answer, and friends and family to entertain. 

We are currently restarting the Bereavement Guild with the aim of reducing some of the stress during those exhausting times by hosting the receptions in the Parish Hall following funerals. This ministry’s goal is to take the responsibility and planning off the plate of the grieving family and allow our church family to shoulder that burden.

While the blessing this is to the family is immeasurable, the volunteers helping are just as blessed (if not more so) to be able to serve and comfort others on their difficult day. It is a sweet opportunity for fellowship while loving on those who are hurting.

We are humbly coming to the parish looking for volunteers to join this ministry. The commitment is not a huge one, and there are several ways to serve. We are looking for help in making cookies, setting up, plating food, serving guests, and cleaning up afterwards. 

If you would like more information about the Bereavement Guild or are interested in being added to the list, please reach out to Amanda Ayers and Caroline Fitzgerald at stphilipsbereavementguild@gmail.com.