Now is the time for all of our parish family to come together with every gift pledge, large or small, as we celebrate God's work here at St. Philip's and prepare for future ministry. Whether it's a few dollars from a child's lemonade stand or a more substantial gift, every person in our parish family matters, and we want everyone to be part of this generational opportunity to shine the light. If you haven't yet pledged, now is the time--as the old song says, "This little light of mine; I'm going to let it shine!" We need all those lights together to shine brightly for the Gospel!

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Shine the Light

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A letter from Maybank Hagood and Karen Phillips, Campaign Co-Chairs

Dear St. Philip’s Family,

It is with genuine excitement that we announce the Shine the Light capital campaign for our church. By God’s grace, St. Philip’s congregation has grown, despite legal challenges and a pandemic. Consider these blessings: over 26,000 people attend our worship services annually and an additional 10,000 follow our podcasts. Easter Sunday marked the 300th year that our congregation worshipped at our Church Street property. If you were there, you witnessed a glorious and uplifting service, and you may have noticed that the church was full “to the rafters.” While it is beautiful to see a full sanctuary, the growth of our parish and much deferred maintenance during the litigation years have taken a physical toll on our church property. 

Throughout St. Philip’s history, our parish has often stepped out in faith to rebuild or renovate. In 1835, a raging fire destroyed much of our church, but the congregation was determined to rebuild. Through sacrificial giving and by God’s grace, the church reopened in 1838, only three short years later and amid a financial depression. In 1886, a devastating earthquake damaged much of the church, but the congregation again committed to repair and restore. This sacrifice came from a congregation who had lost their own homes to the earthquake and a significant hurricane a year earlier. 

It is now our time to do what so many have done before us: restore our property and be good stewards of the facilities that God has given us. In 2020, Jeff Miller and the wardens formed a long-range planning committee to determine repair and renovation needs to our buildings. Chaired by Jim Stelling, this committee examined every brick and mortar of our campus in the hope that St. Philip’s would be successful in the litigation and keep its property. This work allowed us to identify the scope of needed repairs and the goals of the campaign. The Shine the Light campaign seeks to raise $20.5 million. Essential repairs to our Sanctuary, Parish Hall, Ministries Hall, Chapel, State Street property, Tea Garden, and a new Columbarium will cost $18 million. The campaign aspires to raise an additional $2.5 million for ministry programs.

Our historic church and properties are not just beautiful buildings; they are Gospel assets which have for centuries drawn souls to God. We undertake this campaign for our church today and for the future generations that will worship here. It is our turn to step forth and create a legacy for those to follow. It is our time to let our light shine.

Blessings to each of you,

Maybank Hagood and Karen Phillips

Thank you for your support of St. Philip's Shine the Light campaign!

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