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Volunteering for the St. Philip's Tea Room

The Tea Room Tradition at St. Philip’s Church

The Tea Room is a St. Philip’s tradition that was begun in 1952 by the Women’s Auxiliary and directed by Mrs. Carlton "Hattie" Davies. In its first years, the Tea Room was held in the old “Shell Shop,” now known as the Tea Garden, and after some years off, the Tea Room tradition was reintroduced in 2003. Lunch is served daily in the St. Philip’s Parish House and courtyard for one week in the spring. Many volunteers––men, women, and youths––donate their time, talents, and treasures to this project. Proceeds from the Tea Room benefit St. Philip's foreign and home missions, St. Philip's choirs, and youth ministries.

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Donating to the gift shop:

Tea Room is just around the corner, and we are accepting donations (new or handmade items only) in the church office for the Tea Room Gift Shop now through April 14! Please use the following list as a guideline when deciding when you would like to donate:

• Non-perishable food items (securely closed and neatly labeled)

• Baked goods (individually wrapped and neatly labeled––accepted Tea Room week) 

• Handmade jewelry, scarves

• Handmade soaps, candles

• Coffee table books, cookbooks (new)

• Original artwork, photography

• Notecards, stationery 

Let Us know what you're donating!

Note: We are not asking our parishioners to make okra soup this year, but as always, we will be welcoming all of your delicious homemade desserts Tea Room week!

Questions? Contact Tea Room co-chairs Amanda Ayers and Hope Gamble at stphilipstearoom@gmail.com.