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Generations Ministry Announces New Monthly Grandparenting Column


Hello, Grandparents! 

It’s been a while since our last Generations (Grandparenting) meeting. We know we have had a lot more babies and added new grandparents to our ranks since then! One of the purposes of the Generations Ministry is to help us to be “intentional” grandparents who use our time and other resources wisely with our grandchildren, whether we are physically close to them or not. Lynn Dayton and I have been talking about some ideas for this ministry in the coming year and are excited to share them with you.

One thing we are planning for this year is a monthly column in the inSPIRE dedicated to the Generations Ministry. In this column, we hope to share ideas we have implemented ourselves, book recommendations, and other resources and events that will help us to be intentional with our grandchildren.

You Can Help!

We are happy to share what we are doing, but we know that we are blessed with amazing men and women in our church who are doing great things with their grands, so we would like to share your ideas, too. We need your help for this to be a success!

Each month, someone will share something he or she has done with grandchildren. The description does not need to be more than one or two paragraphs long, and the idea can be as simple or complex as desired. We all know some simple ideas are great because they are easily implemented!

We also plan to do a monthly “book plug” for a book that is related to grandparenting.  This can be a children’s book you loved, or a book written to grandparents who are dealing with a particular issue.  We plan to have suggestions for all ages––the babies, littles, elementary age, or teens in our families.

There are many resources and events availble that we want to make known, so we will also include dates of upcoming events at St. Philip’s or in the Charleston area and beyond.

Name That Column––Win a Prize!

We also need your help coming up with a catchy name for our column! Submit your ideas to Jane (janemcgreevy@yahoo.com) or Lynn (lland312@gmail.com). The winner will receive one of the books from our book collection. Now go take a look at our first column at the link below, and let inspiration strike––we can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Click here to read this month's column