Through January, the church office building will be closed Mondays and Fridays with staff working remotely, there will not be Wednesdays Alive! services, and all Sunday services will be Morning Prayer. Click here for complete details. PLEASE CLICK HERE for our in-person worship details and for information about worshipping from homePlease click here to join our email list.

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How May Your Clergy and Church Help You?

Dear St. Philip’s Family, 

During this time of isolation, the members of the clergy and staff want to stay connected with you and continue to meet your spiritual needs. We realize there is a great deal of anxiety and fear, and being separated from your church family can be particularly painful. In an effort to best serve you, we have compiled a questionnaire that we hope you will take the time to complete. Rather than speculate as to what you need at this time, we are eager to hear from you! 

In the meantime, we are always available by email, text, or by phone, and our mobile numbers are listed at the bottom of this page. Please call us for anything! 


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Clergy contact info
The Rev. Jeff Miller: (843) 812-0556
The Rev. Andrew O'Dell: (843) 639-9084
The Rev. Marc Boutan: (843) 737-1277
The Rev. Brian McGreevy: (843) 793-9830
The Rev. Ryan Streett: (843) 601-1120