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Join us for Worship Online on Pentecost!

News--Holy Spirit Prayer Partner
Our preacher this Sunday will be the Rev. Brian K. McGreevy, and we will be celebrating Pentecost, the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples, with Spiritual Communion. Click here to learn more.

You may stream the service at the link below beginning a few minutes before 10:30 with the prelude, or you may choose to watch on our Vimeo or YouTube Channel.

Stream The Service

Vimeo: St. Philip's Church

YouTube: St. Philip's Church

A note about possible technical difficulties:

The stream has been running smoothly, but we will make a direct link to the service available beginning at 10:30 a.m. this Sunday on the front page of our website on the blue "stream the service" button so that you may easily access the service in case of any technical difficulty with the streaming site.

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Other Notes and Troubleshooting Suggestions

  1. If you arrive late to the service, you may opt instead to watch on Vimeo or YouTube; it is not possible to rewind the stream.
  2. If you arrive early to the service and the stream doesn't begin on its own, try refreshing.
  3. If you wish to watch on your TV, you may choose instead to watch using the Vimeo or YouTube app available on your smart TV (make sure to subscribe at the links above so you can easily find us on your TV). Some people are also able to view the stream on the TV by casting or connecting the computer to the TV using an HDMI cable.
  4. If you are having trouble with continual buffering (when the stream or video stops or seems to pause as your computer downloads data), try watching on Vimeo or YouTube a little later in the day when there is less Internet traffic.
  5. If you have any other technical difficulties or you miss the service for any reason, you will still be able to access it on our Vimeo or YouTube channel.
Here are some additional notes we have been sharing each week:
  1. The service will remain available online after the stream is over. This means that should you miss the service for any reason, you will still be able to watch later.
  2. A service bulletin is available for you to view or print now. We have reformatted our traditional bulletin so that you may print it at home. There is a complete version which looks just like what you're used to, and there's an abbreviated version that you may print using less paper. People who have both handheld devices and laptops or desktops may choose to view the bulletin on one screen and the service on another, but we also plan to have the words you will need to participate on the worship screen.
  3. Even though you're at home, you may still give your weekly offering online. You may give securely using the link below; there is also a link at the top of this page and at the top of our streaming site. You may also mail your offering to the church office (142 Church St., Charleston, SC 29401).
  4. We are here to help you if you have any questions about the online worship process! The church office building is closed, but your church staff is still working remotely––please don't hesitate to reach out through email.

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Full-sized bulletin condensed bulletin

Worship Resources for Families

A note about Spiritual Communion

The Reverend Jeffrey S. Miller, Rector, shared in a letter to the congregation last month that the Prayer Book makes this provision: “If a person desires to receive the Sacrament, but, by reason of extreme sickness or physical disability, is unable to eat and drink the Bread and Wine, the Celebrant is to assure that person that all the benefits of Communion are received, even though the Sacrament is not received with the mouth.”
The Rector continued, “The 1662 Book of Common Prayer, which remains the standard for many churches across the Anglican Communion, expands this restriction by allowing for spiritual communion in 'the time of plague, sweat or other like contagious times of sickness and disease.’ This rubric goes on to say, 'But if a man, either by reason of extremity of sickness or by any other just impediment, do not receive the Sacrament of Christ’s Body and Blood: the Curate shall instruct him that if he do truly repent him of his sins, and steadfastly believe that Jesus Christ hath suffered death upon the Cross for him, and shed his Blood for his redemption, earnestly remembering the benefits he hath thereby, and giving him hearty thanks therefore; he doth eat and drink the Body and Blood of our Savior Christ profitably to his soul’s health, although he do not receive the Sacrament with his mouth.’ Although written nearly four hundred years ago, this rubric accurately predicts the challenges we face in the present COVID-19 crisis and makes pastoral accommodation for those incapable of physical participation in the Eucharist ... I remain confident that the benefits and blessings of the Eucharistic liturgy will not be lost on us due to our unfortunate circumstances. Jesus promised, 'For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.’”