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Mission Update: La Gonâve Haiti Partners

News--Haiti Spring 2022

Our sister church, St. Jean Baptiste, along with the other nine churches on the island of La Gonâve in Haiti, are pressing forward with miraculous progress in spite of the lingering pandemic and travel restrictions, tragic political unrest and violence, food and medical insecurities, and severe drought. Truly we have witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit over the past two and half years that shows us much can come from little when we rely on faith, perseverance, and the resilience of our dear brothers and sisters with the current circumstances and conditions. 

We continue to pray these current circumstances and conditions will eventually end and civil stability will return to the mainland so that we may once again be able to join our brothers and sisters on La Gonâve with a joyful mission of presence, celebrating St. Jean Baptiste Feast Day week in June of 2023.

Below see the Easter greeting from the Rev. Jean Madoche Vil, our priest in charge of the ten churches, schools, and medial clinic on La Gonâve.

Easter greetings from La Gonâve, Haiti.

Easter is a time of hope and deliverance, especially for all those who are going through difficult times in their life. With the resurrection of Jesus, any victory is possible; there is no hopeless situation. While we on La Gonâve Island celebrate this holiday, we pray that the situations in Haiti become better. We also pray for all those among you who are sick and facing difficulties in their life; may they find healing or solutions to their problems.

We are convinced that one day the current problems of insecurity, unemployment, and poverty may disappear where the people of Haiti will have a better future.

Easter celebration is an opportunity for us to share our love toward our friends at La Gonâve Haiti Partners for getting involved and funding the various programs and activities on La Gonâve.

Education. In addition to the education and training of children, our schools on La Gonâve offer a special adult literacy program. 

Health. We continue to provide health care services, such as mobile clinics, prenatal consultations, and medika mamba [treatment for malnourishment], to the remote areas through the Bill Rice Clinic and other programs. At the clinic, an emergency room is almost renovated and a new source of solar energy is installed. Two new Honda motorcycles are paid for and waiting to deliver at the Clinic.

In addition to the above programs, other programs (such as a goat program, agriculture, and microcredit) are working quite well. The middle school at Palma––still under construction, as you know––looks forward to the opening this coming fall. Our work together through La Gonâve Haiti Partners is a positive sign of love and sharing. Let’s continue to share this love to each other, giving God the glory and providing it through all our actions. 

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

Père Vil

MISSION: Haitian and American partners, working side by side in mutually transformative relationships to build vibrant, hopeful, and resilient communities on the island of La Gonâve.

Throughout the past two-and-a-half years of political unrest, pandemic, earthquake, and basic supplies interruption, we have been able to provide for a healthy school lunch to every one of the children attending our 10 schools on the island.