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Prayer Request for St. Philippians Traveling to Uganda



How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”––Isaiah 52:7.

The St. Philip’s Uganda Mission Team will head to Uganda Friday, April 19. The team includes Fred Willis, Guv Gottshalk, Tammy Gottshalk, Jayne Gurley, and Tom Gurley. Two others will join us in Uganda: Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese (OB/GYN from Hamilton, Ontario) and Dr. Sean Gillis (OB/GYN from Bozeman, Montana). Mark Bartels, Executive Director of Uganda Christian University Partners, will join us and will handle the logistics of the itinerary and mission outreach.

We will be staying on the campus of Uganda Christian University in Mukono, Uganda. UCU is the largest Christian (Anglican) University in Uganda with approximately 13,000 students located at five different locations around the country.  We will be touring the campus and meeting with the administration, staff, faculty, students, and alumni. The team will worship on Sunday and have community worship at noon during the week. The objective will be to build friendships with Ugandans who have similar interests and expertise and to explore potential future interactions. The university has a broad range of academic programs that include theology, medicine, nursing, law, agriculture, engineering, social studies, history, English, communication, computer science, and more. Learn more about the university at ucu.ac.ug.

The team will also have the opportunity to visit a Water Mission project in a rural region near Jinja in Eastern Uganda to see how these projects are identified, managed, and implemented to provide clean water with the message of the gospel interwoven in the process.

Some of the team will be observing how Save the Mothers (STM) is working to reduce maternal mortality by visiting hospitals that are part of STM’s Mother Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. Dr. Chamberlain Froese founded STM and lived in Uganda for 15 years prior to returning to Canada to practice medicine, and Dr. Gillis is the chairperson of STM’s U.S. board.

At the end of our short visit, the team will be going to Murchison Falls National Park to experience Uganda’s national treasures––its wild animals––which will include a safari and a boat ride up the Nile River to see Murchison Falls.

We would appreciate your prayers for divine appointments, good health, and safe travel during our time in Uganda. We will return home on Monday April 29.