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Prayers For Our Friends in Haiti

News--St. Jean-Baptiste

Usually this time of year Gerry and I are in full-swing packing mode. We would have boxes of toothbrushes and toothpaste that many of you would have donated stacked in one corner. We would have boxes of reading glasses, that many of you would have donated, stacked in another corner.

There would be huge trash bags of used tennis balls, boxes of toys, grocery bags full of art supplies, all sorts of over-the-counter medicines and medical supplies for our health care workers and donated musical instruments stacked everywhere. Everything would be carefully inventoried and arranged in old suitcases and duffle bags to be hand-carried by mission team members, usually about 10 of us. We would be leaving early on a Wednesday morning and traveling to the island of La Gonâve, Haiti, to visit our Partnership friends and celebrate St. John the Baptist feast day (June 24th) with our sister church, St. Jean Baptiste! 

But none of that is happening this year––this 2020 year that has been so different for us all. 

All these supplies, the hugs, the laughs, the joy will not be delivered this year. 


Clay Hershey, Jr., and Carol Robinson hand out dental supplies in June 2019.


2018 Feast Day celebration

After our amazing 25th Year Celebration on Feb. 20, we were so encouraged and excited about the wonderful things that would be happening with our sister church this year. But little did we know that in one short month, travel would stop, schools would stop, churches would have to close their doors, and not only here in America, but in Haiti too. All over the world, we would have to “shelter in place.” 

Our sister church is located way up in the mountains of the island of La Gonâve. It is remote and difficult to reach to say the least. School and church are about all they have, and with these both closed, it must be so lonely. The only non-agricultural goods on the island come over on the ferry boat. This is the one source for the entire island. Then for these types of goods to reach Plaine Mapou, members of the community must walk or ride motorcycles or donkeys down to the ferry boat landing. Life is always a challenge, but now it is even harder. And when we do not get to go to visit, it is even harder! 

The worst part of this scenario this year is that that ferry boat has also brought COVID-19 to the island. Up until about a week ago, there had been no one on the island of La Gonâve known to have COVID-19. But as of June 8th, there are three confirmed cases. While the hospitals on the island have been preparing as best they could by gathering up a few extra PPE, gloves, and masks sewn by the ladies project, there still are no ventilators and only a few doctors and nurses who are prepared to handle Coronavirus. 

The people on the island of La Gonâve are doing just as they have always done so well, relying on their heavenly Father to watch over them and provide their needs. He will get them through. 

Please pray for our friends there, especially Père Vil, as he shepherds all 10 church congregations through this difficult and unprecedented time. 

Please pray for God’s provision, for protection from the virus, and also against any hurricanes or damaging storms. 

Almighty God, our strong tower of defense in time of trouble: We offer you praise and heartfelt thanks for our deliverance from the dangers which lately surrounded us. We confess that your goodness alone has preserved us; and we ask you still to continue your mercies toward us, that we may always know and acknowledge you as our Savior and mighty Deliverer; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.