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Recipe for a Christian Life: Reflections on Canon J.John's Sermon


I love to cook. Browsing through recipes and then preparing them for my family and friends is one of my favorite things to do. To me, I am showing my love for them by taking the time to follow each step and make the preparations for a wonderful meal as my gift to them––and, of course, when my children were younger, to ensure their proper physical growth and health.  

Is preparing nourishment in the form of food for our bodies any different from being nourished spiritually? We are not just a physical body; we have a spiritual body that must be fed as well. Without food and water, we would die. Without feeding our spiritual bodies or souls, we would become empty and begin searching for, in many instances, the wrong things to feed our hunger, which could never be satisfied with just earthly things. God wants to nourish our souls so that we may have the proper spiritual growth and health.

As I sat listening to Canon J.John on Sunday, his sermon struck me as the perfect “recipe” for how to live a Christian life!  

1) Look Up: Where does our help come from?

2) Look In: What would God see if we looked in His mirror?

3) Look Back: We could never pay for our damages; only Jesus could do this.

4) Look Around: He empowers us with the Holy Spirit; attitudes affect our actions.

5) Look Ahead: Live holy and godly lives as you look forward to “Jesus’ Coming.”

How many times do we all ponder how we can live the life that Jesus would want for us? We listen to lectures and sermons, take classes, read books, and watch videos on what this kind of life could and should be, but many times we are still scratching our heads with what “steps” to take to make it happen!  

By following the “recipe” that Canon J.John provided, we can show God’s love to others and share the gift He gave: His son, Jesus Christ.  These steps, when followed, can give us the proper growth and health in our spiritual lives to live as Christians should live! As I was listening to the Canon’s humor and wonderful anecdotes, I was invigorated, excited, and motivated, as were many others in the congregation, to be given the “ingredients” to help me on my pursuit to live a more Christ-like life!

The Canon said, “People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care. You and I can make all the difference.” Let’s follow his “recipe” and help feed the world!