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Reunited: How Instagram Made a Family Whole Again


Crab and giraffe at the office

One day in late November, a staff member discovered a crab and a giraffe left behind in the Parlor. They were siblings––we could tell by the way they bickered with each other. We tried to find their home through Instagram, but no one came forward. Some weeks later, we tried again. Still no luck. Although they were doing well with us, clearly trying to be on their best behavior while finding ways to be helpful around the office, we knew they missed their family (and they themselves were surely missed!), so we tried one last time.

The third try was the charm! It turns out that the siblings had fallen out of a purse during a Foundations class, and a two-year-old boy (along with his baby brother and an older and wiser crab-giraffe pair) had been missing them very much. (The giraffe more so than the somewhat ornery crab, but the crab has promised to continue working on his behavior!) The family finally reunited this past Sunday, and it was a joyous occasion!

Crab and giraffe at home