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St. Philippians Help Provide Christmas Blessings

Gift Card Story

With a heart for mission, the generous friends and family of St. Philip’s Church donated 315 gift cards this year! Teachers and families in need in our community were given these $25 gift cards that allowed them to decide how to spend their money. I am grateful and fueled by God’s guidance and devotion.

On December 21, 233 of those gift cards were distributed at the Tricounty Family Ministries Christmas party. The line was long at 9:00 a.m. About 1000 people were served BBQ from Martin’s BBQ, children picked out toys, coats and bicycles were gifted, and frozen turkeys were handed out––a grand celebration! There were many hardworking families who needed a little boost this season and many folks who were down and out. 


Above: The Dixon family and other volunteers helped distribute toys during the party at Tricounty Family Ministries

One grandmother was there with her three grandchildren while her daughter worked that day. The grandchildren had great manners and were thankful for gifts, but shy about accepting the toys at the party. The grandmother was gifted two gift cards to pass along to her working daughter. We hope these cards gave Mama a little freedom to pick up something extra for her children, or herself.

The remaining gift cards were distributed to the teachers of Eastside elementary school Sanders-Clyde, who were all very happy and grateful to receive them.


Above: Amey Warder, second from right, with Sanders-Clyde Elementary School teachers.

We hope 2020 will be the year that folks get out and become part of these projects! We need faces and people to join our efforts––we never leave a service project regretting the effort it took to show up. We are in the process of getting our calendar ready for this year, so please be on the lookout for service opportunities. If you have any questions, please contact me: ameywarder@hotmail.com or (843) 452-9742.