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St. Philippians Serve Citadel Cadets at St. Alban’s Chapel

News--St. Alban's March 2023

News--St. Alban's March 2023

The photograph above, taken by the Rev. Rob Sturdy, Chaplain of St. Alban’s Anglican Chapel Society, shows St. Philip’s Church volunteers setting up the supper prepared by Chef Connie Stahl to be served to around 70 cadets at The Citadel  prior to the March 20 chapel service. Pictured at the front table are St. Philippians Danielle Folline, DuBose Blakeney, Carol Robinson, David Wright, and John Macmurphy. At the back table are Joanna Macmurphy, Lee Richards, Richard Padgett, and Briggs Huddleston. Volunteers not pictured are Sam Robinson, Lon Burris, and Reid Davis.

The picture above may best be described as “the calm before the storm,” after which numerous cadets would come through for a first serving, a second serving, and in some cases a third serving. In God’s infinite wisdom, there were three pans of food left over, including Connie’s green beans, rice, and pork tenderloin. Of course, God had a plan for the leftovers, and as the supper service was concluding and all of the cadets had been fed, both Joanna Macmurphy and David Wright thought, “Hey, we should take the leftovers over to Star Gospel Mission!”  Point taken! And so we packed up the leftovers, contacted Star Gospel Director Dr. Marion Platt, and found out that one of his representatives, Hope, happened to still be on site over at 7:15 p.m., and we delivered the food for their use.  

Praise the Lord! We are so blessed. All glory, laud and honor to the Redeemer King!