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A Call to Step Up

News--Daughtridge Family

Last April, my husband and I were blessed with our first child. As we approach her one-year birthday, I realize time is already slipping by much too quickly. I find myself scrolling through months of baby pictures on my phone, hoping to somehow savor each memory—to slow it all down. But even as I work to stay present in the moment, my mind inevitably drifts to the future.

I imagine our daughter passing through the different phases of her life—from playing in our backyard to her first day of school, and yes, even getting married. The scenes and settings of these visions are particularly clear, and one appears more often than all the others: St. Philip’s.

I see the long aisle down the center of the church. The cream-colored columns and vaulted ceilings. The sidewalk that leads from the sanctuary to the Parish Hall. I can even hear the tinkling of laughter on the church playground. And I can see my daughter in each space—feeling washed in the same grace, community and stability that St. Philip’s has given to us. To all who make this their church home.

This is where she was baptized. Where she’ll celebrate Easter Sunday and feel the true meaning of Christmas. Where she’ll build her own relationship with God and one day be confirmed. Perhaps where she’ll turn to try to make sense of the darker parts of our world. Maybe one day, she’ll even walk down the aisle here for her wedding.

More than a place of worship, St. Philip’s is a constant in our lives. An enduring source of serenity and joy. Thanks to the many good stewards who’ve come before us, our church continues to thrive. And admittedly, I’ve taken that for granted. I’ve housed aspirations for our daughter, for our family within the stucco and  mortar of St. Philip’s, but hadn’t seen myself as a steward.

But it’s my turn to step up. I donated last week, and I’m calling on you to do the same. Protect this sacred space not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones, and the future families who will come to know God in this truly special place.

About the Shine the Light Campaign

Throughout St. Philip’s history, our parish has often stepped out in faith to rebuild or renovate. In 1835, a raging fire destroyed much of our church, but the congregation was determined to rebuild. Through sacrificial giving and by God’s grace, the church reopened in 1838, only three short years later and amid a financial depression. In 1886, a devastating earthquake damaged much of the church, but the congregation again committed to repair and restore. This sacrifice came from a congregation who had lost their own homes to the earthquake and a significant hurricane a year earlier.

It is now our time to do what so many have done before us: restore our property and be good stewards of the facilities that God has given us. Visit stphilipschurchsc.org/shine-the-light to learn more.