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Celebrating Advent at Home


Sometimes we as Anglicans overlook or neglect some of the best tools that we have in our faith-growing toolbox. The liturgical calendar that our forefathers had the wisdom and insight to establish so long ago can still be incredibly useful in our busy lives. Case in point: the Season of Advent, a built-in time to pause and reflect on the incredible gift that Jesus is and to look toward His eventual return.

Celebrating Advent at home—in addition to our time together in corporate worship—is a great way to instill this need for a pause and reflection in our children and to reinstate in ourselves.  What does celebrating Advent at home look like? For some it might be lighting an Advent candle in the wreath they made on Sunday and reading through the Advent Wreath Liturgy as they gather for dinner around the table. For others it may be adding in an extra Advent-themed devotional or a dedicated time to pray and ask God to show us an area for growth.

However you choose to celebrate Advent at home, remember it is not a mandate or a requirement but an opportunity to grow your faith. Set yourself up for success. Choose something that seems achievable. For example, if you have children who love chocolate Advent calendars, have them read a verse before they open the door to retrieve their tasty treat (click here for 25 Advent verses). If you spend a lot of time in the car, choose a Christian audio book to listen to or an inspiring podcast.

As we wait to celebrate the birth of our Savior, let’s create space for Him to abide within us, allowing Him the opportunity to direct us and mold us more into the person we were created to be.

There are so many great Advent resources available—here are a just a few:

Ann Voskamp’s The Wonder of the Greatest Gift, an interactive family resource

Arnold Ytreeide’s Jotham’s Journey: Storybook for Advent

Max Lucado’s In the Manger

On Sunday, November 27, we brought back a long-standing tradition of Advent wreath-making to mark the beginning of the season of Advent. St. Philippians of all ages gathered together to enjoy breakfast treats, fellowship and laughter, and to try their hand at wreath-making. New members and longtime members alike wove evergreen clippings around the provided wire wreaths, and some chose to add holly berries and ribbon as well. We made over 60 wreaths, and the final results were as wonderful and varied as the folks making them! A special thank you to Sandra Anderson and Roberta O’Shea for helping to make this event happen.

View Advent Wreath Fellowship Pictures