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Virtual Worship: Fellowship on the Screen

News--Zoom Worship Coffe Hour
If you are anything like us, you are finding the Sunday morning St. Philip's services an enormous blessing during these days of uncertainty and isolation! At the end of a long week where bad news seems to abound, it has been so reassuring and comforting to hear some good news on Sunday mornings––to hear words of hope spoken by our clergy, to sing (along with our choir members) hymns of praise to our good and faithful God, and to enjoy a kind of togetherness with one another while we remain––by necessity––apart.  Thank you SO much to the clergy and staff for all the hard work that goes into making those services possible! They have been a lifeline for us!
On Palm Sunday, a few us thought we might try to enjoy the service "together" by watching it on a shared screen via a Zoom meeting. While we didn't exactly achieve our intended goal (we had hoped to be able to maybe sing hymns together during the service), we did have a wonderful time of fellowship together after the service ended. We discussed the service together and the things we learned, and we shared with one another some challenges and blessings of life in self-quarantine. It was true fellowship!  And it was such a success that we decided to give it another go next Sunday!  
If you are looking for creative ways to connect, you might consider a Zoom/FaceTime/Skype (enter your new favorite online conferencing app here) gathering before or after the service on Sundays. It's a little like having coffee together before Adult Forum on Sundays. (Um...except we each make our own coffee. And there aren't quite as many flavor choices. And we aren't quite so dressed up.) Why don't you give it a try?