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LAMB’s Dinner Party With a Purpose: A Strong and Timely Word from Suzy McCall

LAMB's Party With a Purpose

LAMB founder and spiritual director Suzy McCall with St. Philippian Ann Edwards at LAMB’s Dinner Party With a Purpose on October 24 

The 10th annual LAMB Dinner Party With a Purpose on October 24th was a very blessed night in the Lord. Thank you to all who prayed and helped make that night a true gospel success. There were many St. Philippians who came out even though they had to pack for Kanuga! Thank you.  

The theme for the event was God’s charge to Joshua, “Be strong and courageous ...” As many of you who know Suzy know, the Lord speaks through her with a certain weightiness. In her message for the event, Suzy started by sharing some stories of what has happened with our first family of brothers and sisters who came to LAMB in 2005. Then on to talk some about one of the newer things God is calling LAMB to: caring for tiny, premature babies who have been left abandoned somewhere. In closing, she shared some about her journey since her precious 16-year-old daughter, Sallie, took her own life in May. Below is an excerpt. There was a silent holiness in these moments:

“When Sallie died, I never knew how much something could hurt ... many people sent notes and reached out and that was very good, but there is a desperation that you feel––you can’t go back and do something different to make a different outcome––yet it was settled for me, so long ago, years ago, that Jesus is all. He is everything. He is my strength ... my reason for living, my fount of loving ... so if I don’t have strength or courage today, if I can’t find perseverance today because my heart is broken, then Jesus can still, He can still  do something through me––all by Himself––because He is able. He is the one who created us, He is the one who created LAMB, He is the one who loves.

“So even though these past five months have been very difficult, I just want to say tonight: You don’t need to be strong and courageous if you really trust in Jesus; He will be strong and courageous when you can’t be. There are a lot of things that happen to us in life that can really take away our ability to be strong and courageous. That is when we can say, ‘I will trust in you. I might weep my way through the day, but I will not lie down in sack cloth and ashes and say that Jesus has abandoned me. Because I know He has been right there every step of the way.’ 

“I hope this is an encouraging word to you tonight. As Corrie ten Boom said, ‘There is no hole so deep that Jesus is not right there in it with us.’  And there is no darkness that He can’t illuminate. We might appear to be wasting away, physically and emotionally, but in our spirit, Jesus is doing a redemptive work. And at LAMB, we believe He is doing a new thing ... and I want to invite you all to be a part of that with us because it is beautiful to be a part of what God is doing: a work that is redemptive and filled with hope.”