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World Missions at St Philip’s Gets a Shot in the Arm with a Visit from Jenny Noyes and Chris Royer


Our church was blessed by hosting the Mere Anglicanism in so many ways. One of those ways was that some of the amazing people who came to Charleston to attend the conference January 18–20 then came to worship with us on Sunday the 21st. We were so very blessed to have two special people who are surely some of the most “in the know’’ folks for Anglican mission in the world, Chris Royer and Jenny Noyes, join us for a meet-and-greet after church.

Chris is the Executive Director of Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM), one of our world mission ministry partners. AFM (and frontier missions in general) focuses on reaching into places of the world where there is no Christian presence—no churches, no Bibles, no Christians to even interact with. This represents 29% of the world, known as World A. One in four people live in places like this. On Sunday, Chris presented a compelling case for spreading the gospel in World A as Anglicans.

Jenny is the Executive Director of the New Wineskins Missionary Network (NWMN), the hub of the wheel for all things mission related in the Anglican Church worldwide. The St Philip’s World Missions Committee was able to meet with this powerhouse for the Lord and major energizer for world mission on Saturday afternoon before she spoke to a great group of interested folks in the Parlor the next day. She gave everyone a little sticker she says has “taken the world by surprise” and has become a great tool for sharing our faith. It encourages people to “Be the One that Sees the One in need and Share the One True God.” We plan to order a bunch to share with all of our congregation. Folks are putting them on the backs of their phones, desk tops––wherever!

Jenny and Chris’s visit gave the World Missions Committee a great dose of encouragement and helped draw more into the fold. If you are interested in joining us in our mission, please email me at susanckeller55@gmail.com.


Jenny Noyes showed off her selfie-taking skills on January 21.


Twinning! Ladies in red Jenny Noyes and Lauren Gottshalk.