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St. Philip’s Choir Residency: A Note from Pat Gould

News--Choir at St. Paul's

August 17, 2022: Mere words fall short when describing the grandeur of Sir Christopher Wren’s magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral, which opened in 1710. This week, as our choir expertly sings Evensong each day, I feel as though God is giving us a foretaste of our heavenly home. An aura of God’s love for us surrounds us! Jeff Harbin, Director of Music at St. Helena’s in Beaufort, put it perfectly: “There was a moment when I looked up into the eyes of Jesus and, with the beautiful music surrounding me, felt like I was standing before Heaven’s throne. A foretaste of glory divine!”

Our choir has been thrilling to conduct and to hear––a life-changing experience for all! A family of Muslims in traditional attire was at Evensong on Tuesday night. They remained for the entire service. A gentleman was moved to tears by the beauty of the music in that gorgeous cathedral. Even the officiant who led Evensong was thrilled by the choir’s rendition of Hall Johnson’s “Ain’t Got Time to Die”. Many of you heard that sung by our choir at St. Philip’s on August 7.

Thank you to those who have journeyed with us, supported us financially, and especially to those who are this moment lifting us in prayer. Your prayers sustain us!

Sunday, August 28, will be my last to serve God at St. Philip’s (except as substitute from time to time). I am retiring for the third and final time. It has indeed been an honor to serve God in our gorgeous church. Thank you for 5-plus years of your love, support, and encouragement. Thank you for vibrant worship. Please continue to be a mighty singing congregation! I leave you in the capable hands of Chris Walchesky. Much travel fills my September calendar, but I’ll join you in the congregation in October. May God bless you all!

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