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Teamwork at LAMB!


Summer is TEAM season at LAMB! Every year, LAMB hosts teams of volunteers who come to Honduras to serve God and the ministry. They do so in a variety of ways. Some teams are specially trained and come to provide a particular service, like our medical and dental teams. They provide health care or dental care not only to our kids at LAMB, but also to poor communities in Honduras that LAMB serves. We have teams that come to do construction projects. Did you know that most of the buildings that house the ministries of LAMB were built by volunteers--the cottages at the children’s home and the school in Flor--all were built by teams who came to Honduras to bless LAMB? Some teams come to do Vacation Bible School with the kids. Some come to sew curtains for the cottages. Some come to pray. Some teams are all members of one church. Other teams are all members of one family! (What a fantastic way to spend a family vacation! Did you even know that was an option?)

At LAMB, we thank God for the 25 or more teams who come to Honduras each year. They come alongside us to encourage and support us, to stand with us in difficult times and rejoice with us in times of celebration. The teams are a great blessing to LAMB, but the team members often say that they are the ones who were most blessed by their trip. Interested in joining a team going to LAMB? Contact Margaret Merritt at margaretmerritt.lamb@gmail.com for more information!