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The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina Launches Ministry at the College of Charleston

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St. Philippians! It gives me so much joy to share with you some exciting news about college ministry here in Charleston. One of the joys that I have had serving at St. Philip’s for these past three years has been ministering to college students. I have long felt that the most strategic place for mission work in the world today is on American college campuses. Studies have shown that less than 2% of college students in the US are currently walking with the Lord and that students from around the world are coming to American colleges. What could be more strategic than gospel ministry in these institutions that will produce the next generations of world leaders? All of this is especially true at the College of Charleston.

One of the challenges in my position is that I serve in many capacities outside of C of C’s campus. It has long been my prayer that something similar to the ministry of St. Alban’s at the Citadel would exist at the College of Charleston. Well, this past spring, the Lord started moving in mighty ways to that end. When I shared this desire with the Rev. Taylor Daniel, who was serving at St. Michael’s as their youth minister, he felt the Lord’s call to that very sort of ministry. It is nothing short of a miracle that in that short time since late March, there now exists a full-time ministry of the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina at the College of Charleston! And you have had a vital part in this endeavor! While Taylor is operating at a diocesan level (akin to Rob Sturdy, who is Chaplain at St. Alban’s at the Citadel), this ministry could not have launched without the partnership of St. Philip’s, St. Michael’s, and the Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul. What is more, through Taylor, I am able to multiply my current ministry efforts to the College of Charleston. I will provide coaching, support, and ministry assistance to Taylor as he begins this new ministry.

Truly this is an exciting time for our diocese, which similarly launched St. Alban’s 60+ years ago. I pray that the Lord reaps a similar harvest in the decades to come through this ministry. If this excites you as it does me, please reach out to me at (854) 429-1937 or jhare@stphilipschurchsc.org, and I would love to talk about ways you can be a deeper part of this missionary endeavor!