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Theology on Tap: A New Twice-Monthly Gathering for Young Adults

News--Theology on Tap

“Two priests walk into a bar ...” It sounds more like the beginning of a joke than the beginning of a ministry. But I assure you, Theology on Tap is no joke! Rooted in the convictions that (1) everyone is a theologian (has thoughts about God) and (2) everyone longs for genuine friendships and meaningful conversation (even, perhaps especially, if they don’t go to church), two St. Philip’s priests, Brian McGreevy and I (Justin), set out to create an environment where people in their 20s-30s could feel welcomed and relaxed enough to be their true selves and honestly ask anything.

After three young adults approached us with the idea in May, the Lord quickly began opening doors (sometimes literally). A neighbor of one of these young adults owns Henry’s on the Market, and he kindly donated their swanky Whiskey Room throughout the summer to host us. If you’ve never been to the Whiskey Room at Henry’s, just imagine a jazzy speak-easy combined with an art studio filled with comfortable seating and a few tables sprinkled throughout.


Word began to spread about our idea, and since the room can only hold about 30-40 comfortably, we didn’t really advertise our first event beyond word of mouth. But by 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday, June 2, 50 folks had crammed into the Whiskey Room, grabbed a drink, and taken a seat as Brian and I began. Essentially, the two of us have a mic’d conversation (imagine a “live podcast”) over a specific topic. At our first gathering, we addressed the rampant anxiety of young people. Next we will discuss loneliness and how Christian friendship is something that is desperately needed today. The most exciting part of the night is when we start to answer all the anonymous questions that were submitted using an app. It’s easier to ask the real questions that lie in our hearts when we don’t have to raise our hand, and thanks to modern technology, we can receive and engage these questions from a live audience.

If this first gathering is any indication, our hunch was right. After all, we are convinced that Jesus is what all our hearts ultimately long for and his gospel is the ultimate solution to our deepest needs. As we seek to be hospitable to all who come and combine truth and grace the way our Lord did, we pray that we might see many come to or be revitalized in their faith and refreshed in their relationships. We, indeed, are excited to see how God continues to work in this ministry in the days ahead!


Summer Schedule:

June 16 and 30

July 14 and 28

August 11 and 25