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House of Prayer: April Prayer Points

News––Frenchie Richards Prayer Points

“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” ––Isaiah 56:7

“The Lord is risen, the Lord is risen indeed.” Happy Easter, everyone!

Answered Prayers (Thank You, Lord. We give you all the glory):

1. Team St. Philip’s 140+ walkers represented 2% of the Walk for Water participants and raised over $10,000 of the $500,000.00 total raised for Water Mission.

2. For the success of the Italian Bingo Night for the youth mission to Honduras.

3. For the new vestry members.

4. For the ~60 young people who have been coming to Theology on Tap recently.

5. For the wonderful report from Brian’s eye operations. 100% success.

6. For our staff, who make things run so smoothly at the church.

7. For the great kick-off for our capital campaign.

8. For the hundreds of people coming in through the Open Door Ministry, many of whom have come to the services as a result of it.

Prayer Points for Local Needs

1. For Bishop Chip Edgar, that he would have the wisdom needed to lead this diocese. For a solution regarding the Bishop’s Residence.

2. For our clergy, their families, and the staff to have good health and protection.

3. For the Easter services to be filled and for the Joy of the Lord fill his church.

4. For the Flower Guild to have all the volunteers they need and for the arrangements to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. (It takes several hours and the full team in this ministry to accomplish the beauty that you will see on Easter Sunday.)

5. For all the volunteers working on the capital campaign. May the goal be reached easily.

6. For our Vestry: for wisdom, discernment, and protection for them and their families.

7. For Generations Ministry: for Grandparents@Prayer in the Chapel on the first Thursday of the month to be well-attended.

8. For the Mentoring Ministry to be launched.

9. For Al Phillip’s continued anointing for the Confirmation class.

10. For God’s peace to be in the upcoming GAFCON Conference in Africa.

11. For protection for our children in the things they are hearing, being taught, and seeing that are contrary to the Word of God. Have mercy, dear Lord. For godly school boards, school principals, and teachers, that they would allow only appropriate material to be taught.

12. For God’s choice for the upcoming election for the Mayor of Charleston.

13. For excellent plans for the Union Pier development. May it be balanced and those working on it to be in unity and wise. 1. For continued healing for Brian’s eye surgery.

Prayer Points for the Nations: 

1. For Ukraine: For Putin to be willing to negotiate a peace settlement and stop the war.

2. For a resolution to the volatile situation in China, North Korea, and Iran.

3. For Israel: for the protests to stop and for Netanyahu to hear the people. Pray he will make the necessary adjustments to the decisions so that peace can be reestablished. For protection for Israel’s borders. For peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

4. For Haiti: For a new, godly President. For gangs, especially their leaders, to be broken up.

5. For France: for the protests to stop and for President Macron to bring peace back to the nation. For the gas shortage to be solved.

6. For the United States: For protection for the members of the Supreme Court, Congress, and their families. Give them wisdom and unity as they govern. For the fear of the Lord to guide all meetings in Congress and special committee meetings. For wisdom for the military advisors dealing with all the issues around the world. For inflation to come under control, especially as it affects seniors, the poor, and those on fixed incomes. For the immigration problems to be solved and for the cartels to lose their power. For the border control agents to be protected and given the resources they need. For continued discernment dealing with the drug smuggling and the victims being exploited. For Nashville: May the Lord comfort all those who lost a child during the shooting, as well as the family of the adults killed. Pray for the children affected by the trauma to be healed. For Mississippi: Bring the resources needed to the people affected by the recent tornadoes. Bring the help to rebuild their town.

Psalm 24: 1–2: “The earth is the Lord’s and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein. For He has founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the waters.”

May this be an encouragement to us all as we remember that the earth STILL belongs to Him regardless of how troubling things may be.