Now is the time for all of our parish family to come together with every gift pledge, large or small, as we celebrate God's work here at St. Philip's and prepare for future ministry. Whether it's a few dollars from a child's lemonade stand or a more substantial gift, every person in our parish family matters, and we want everyone to be part of this generational opportunity to shine the light. If you haven't yet pledged, now is the time--as the old song says, "This little light of mine; I'm going to let it shine!" We need all those lights together to shine brightly for the Gospel!

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House of Prayer: January Prayer Points

News––Frenchie Richards Prayer Points

“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” ––Isaiah 56:7

“Brethren ... forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead.” ––Philippians 3:13

Happy New Year!

Answered Prayers:

1. For the wonderful Christmas services, messages, and worship. 2. For Chris, Paul, and Zippy’s leadership in the music selections, choir instructions, and instrumental additions to the services. 3. For our clergy and their families. 4. For the wonderful open house at the Rectory and for Jeff and Kristin’s hospitality. 5. For a sold-out Mere Anglicanism Conference.

Prayer Points for Local Needs:

1. For Bishop Chip Edgar, that he would have the wisdom needed to lead this diocese. 2. For extra energy and good health for our clergy and their families. 3. For the Foundations Class to be well attended. 4. For the Mere Anglicanism speakers to be led by the Holy Spirit in the messages that they will bring. 5. For our Vestry Nominating Committee as they discern the nominees for the next Vestry class. 6. For the Shine the Light Campaign fundraising and participation goals to be met. 7. For excellent, balanced plans for the Union Pier development. May those working on it to be wise and in unity. 8. For the Open Door Ministry to continue to be a blessing to our visitors. 9. For Mayor Cogswell, for wisdom as he leads our city. 10. For the Wednesdays Alive! service to continue to grow. 11. For the prayer ministry teams to be blessed and be a blessing to those they pray for.

Prayer Points for the Nations:

Israel: 1. For supernatural peace and resolution to come to the war in Gaza and for hostages be released unharmed. Thank you for those that have been released. 2. For wisdom for Netanyahu and his government as they make decisions for the nation and its people. 3. For a hedge of protection around Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem. Ukraine: 1. For the war in Ukraine to be resolved. For mercy on all the soldiers on both sides. 2. For the release of the journalist being held in Russia. Taiwan: 1. For protection from a takeover by China.  For protection for our troops being sent to that region. Haiti: 1. For the gangs to be defeated. For open doors for humanitarian aid to enter. For protection for the clinics that continue to treat patients in the midst of the turmoil. United States: 1. For new House Speaker Mike Johnson: Give him favor and help him bring unity to those he is working with. 2. For protection for the members of the Supreme Court, Congress members, and their families. Give them wisdom and unity as they govern. For the fear of the Lord to guide all meetings in Congress and special committees. 3. For the government to be good stewards of the country’s finances. 4. For inflation to come under control, especially as it affects seniors, the poor, and those on fixed incomes. 5. For wisdom for the military advisors dealing with all the issues around the world. 6. For the border control agents to be protected and given the resources they need. For protection for the children coming into this country unaccompanied.

May the Lord  give us new revelation for all of the assignments He has for St. Philip’s in 2024.