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House of Prayer: July Prayer Points

News––Frenchie Richards Prayer Points

“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” ––Isaiah 56:7

Celebrate the Fourth of July and our freedom!

Answered Prayers (Thank you, Lord):

1. For the safe return of Jeff, Justin, and the 40 participants who went to Israel.

2. For the safe return and successful mission of the young people who went to Honduras.

3. For Martha Vetter's safe return and successful mission to Rwanda.

4. For the children's successful week attending Vacation Bible School (VBS). Thank you, volunteers.

5. For the ongoing success of the outreach at Henry’s for Theology on Tap and Mark Finlay’s men’s group.

6. For the new consideration dealing with the plans for the Union Pier design.

7. For the great turnout for the blood drive.

8. For the excellent work and workmen restoring our church and buildings.


Prayer Points (Local Needs)

1. For Jeff and family to enjoy their two-week vacation.

2. For Andrew and his family to enjoy their sabbatical.

3. For Bishop Chip and his family's plans for the summer to go well.

4. For the Generations Ministry plans to continue to come together. For a good turnout for grandparents and children gathering at Sandra Anderson's beach house.

5. For Ben's mother to be healed and for him to have peace.

6. For the Shine the Light Campaign to meet its goals and for our church to participate 100%.

7. For the fear of the Lord to be in all meetings and decisions that the SC State Supreme Court make.

8. For blessings and wisdom for our Governor McMaster.

9. For our children to be protected.

10. For COVID to stop spreading and all people affected to be healed.

11. For honest elections coming up and for the voting equipment to work well.

12. For inflation to get under control.


Prayer Points for the Nations

1. For a peaceful solution and end to the war in Ukraine. Pray that the Ukrainian children who have been taken by Russia be returned to their families and homeland.

2. For the thousands of missing families in Syria to be found.

3. For the wildfires in Canada to cease and the air quality to improve everywhere that has been affected.

4. For the peace of Jerusalem and protection for Israel.

5. For our borders to be protected and the cartels to lose their power. That the drug traffic leaders would be exposed and their network of communication broken.


"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."––Proverbs 3:5–6