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Seeing the Cross: Notes on Natural Evangelism


Evangelism. Up until one week ago, I was scared of that word. It carries so much meaning, so much responsibility. On Sunday,  January 20, Canon J.John came and spoke at the Rector’s Forum and preached that morning. While I was unable to hear his talk at the Rector’s Forum (I’m definitely listening to it this week!), I heard his sermon. It was so spirit-filling and encouraging that I knew I had to attend his talk the following Tuesday.

I’m one to take notes during any type of educational experience (mostly because my mind will wander if I don’t) and let me tell you… Tuesday night I wrote so much my hand almost fell off! Canon J.John took a word that terrified me and broke it down into three main parts: praying, caring, and sharing. One of Canon J.John’s sayings that stuck out to me most is “a missionary is not one who crosses the seas, but one who sees the cross.” Between his sayings and his reassurances, he was able to break through my fears about not being good enough, smart enough, and witty enough to be an effective witness to my Jerusalem, my Israel, and my Judea (the areas that surround us). We are all called to be missionaries and we are promised that the Holy Spirit will give us the right words (Luke 12:12)! Canon J.John reminded me of the sheer power of prayer, the importance of caring, and the need for sharing.

In between scribbling down notes, I would look around the room and what I saw was inspiring. People were on the edge of their seats, slightly leaned forward, trying to take in every last word. One could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Parish Hall. Hearts were being filled with the joy of the Lord, spirits were being rejuvenated by the strength of the Holy Spirit, and the weary were being encouraged with the love of Christ. We were reminded that the great gift of salvation needs to be shared––and can be shared with joy! I think I can speak for everyone in saying that we were moved on Tuesday night!