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The Word: Full of Grace and Truth

News--Avent Sign

For quite a while now, this small, humble poster (“laminated” with clear boxing tape) has been strategically positioned on a counter in our kitchen where we prepare tea and coffee. It’s been there long enough that I’ve forgotten the details of why I originally made it and placed it there. Time and again, it has caught my eye at just the moment when I am tempted to worry about someone or something.

While taking Scripture verses out of context can be problematic, I’ve long read Scripture within the context of this prayer: “Lord, please highlight something for me today.” Invariably, something tangible stands out. 

I do remember that being the case with this verse, which is from the story of Jairus, a ruler in the synagogue who came to Jesus seeking healing for his little daughter who was dying (Mark 5:22-36). Jairus and the woman with the 12-year-long “issue of blood,” whose story is inserted into the middle of this passage, both believed that merely the touch of his hand or touching his garment would bring about healing. They both acted on this belief, and Jesus noted and encouraged their faith.

Now, during this challenging season, I am so thankful for the daily meditations our clergy are making available online. Jeff’s meditation based on the simple words of Jesus, “Peace be with you,” ministered so powerfully to me, and Marc’s, Ryan’s, Brian’s, and Andrew’s have all been rich gifts of encouragement and direction. 

In the same way, the Holy Spirit has repeatedly used this little poster to remind me that Jesus’ words in Scripture are Truth, and they keep me focused on Him who is Truth during this time of uncertainty. John describes him as “full of grace and truth”; the Word who “was with God in the beginning” and who “was God”…“who came from the Father” to reveal “the glory of the One and Only.”

This focus gives me a peace that right now makes no sense to an understanding of truth that is based on circumstances, but makes perfect sense to an understanding of truth that is based on a Person.